Product of German origin and represented exclusively by Value Optimized, Lda for the Iberian market.
BroDesign wood mosaic tiles are always supplied in a 300x300mm size and produced in steel counter-moulds, which guarantee perfect dimensional continuity with an easy and excellent fit between them, allowing the construction of massive panels.

The EDITION 1 collection consists of 10 designs, all in European Oak, and always available in natural or darker colour (smoked oak). Check stock availability with our commercial services.

In addition to the EDITION 1 standard collection, the factory offers a wide range of special decorative panels, always possible in European oak, but also in any other solid wood or even in a random mix of woods, creating panels of rare beauty and effects.

Main applications:

Excellence product for interior decoration, mainly for vertical surfaces, and can be easily incorporated into furniture for different applications.

Not recommended for outdoor applications.

Application tips, gluing and finishing:

BroDesign tiles are always supplied without finishing, and can be applied like so or finished with all types of finishes available for natural wood.

The format is 300x300mm invariable, and supplied with a black fabric in its base, allowing gluing it to any surface, either in industrial or work environment.

The glues should be chosen according to the support and application, with PVA glue being a good solution for applications on wood-based slabs.

Polyurethane glues, or even contact glues are possible.

On site, application with mastics or glue and seal are advisable.

Value Optimized is the BroDesign Iberic representative. For more information visit BroDesign Website.