Golden Glass is the latest brand to join Value Optimized, Lda’s product portfolio.

We are upon glass or acrylic decorative panels, with a base in structured papers and / or with 3D effects, resulting in a decorative solution of great beauty.

Of Italian Design and developed for multifunctional interior applications, it combines the nobility of glass with the versatility of acrylic, allowing the creation of fantastic and unique environments.

Main applications:

– Vertical and horizontal interior surfaces;

– Interior wall coverings, shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.;

– Interior doors;

– Various furniture, tables, kitchens, WC, living room and others.

Application tips, gluing and finishing:

Golden Glass panels are supplied in slabs and can be customized and supplied on request, cut, bevelled and machined according to your design.

The glass version is available in thickness of 3 and 4mm and in an acrylic version in 2.5mm thickness.

In both cases, the base of the product is paper, which can then be glued to any support, using the known techniques for applying this type of material.

Value Optimized is the Golden Glass Iberic representative. For more information visit Golden Glass Website.