VStone ST is the basic solution from the vStone collection and is the more versatile solution, possible for a big range of applications.

In its composition there is a small stone film with 0.5 to 1.0mm thick, glued to a polyester composite resin with fiber glass in.

Nominal thickness is 1,5mm, and real between 1,0 to 2,0mm

Main Applications:

– Interior and exterior wall coverings.

– Interior Design, Stores, Hotels, Offices, etc.

– Domestic flooring.

– Interior and exterior doors.

– Furniture: kitchens, bathrooms, living room, etc.

Application and bonding details:

Support polyester resin can be bonded to almost all possible surfaces, but in some situations the surface should have a prior preparation.

Recommended adhesive can change for different surfaces or situations, for that, consult please the application and bonding data sheet, made with help of some worldwide adhesives companies.

The vStone ST flexibility provides a minimum radius of 400mm, but other curvatures are possible in different technical conditions.

In all applications, whether indoor or outdoor, we recommend the use of stone sealants, strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions, in order to protect the product against traditional stone defects like: fungi, mosses, premature aging, etc.

Sealants should be applied before any bonding process.

In any gluing process, we suggest to pass a roll with a light pressure on the surface of the vStone, always from the inside area of each panel, to eliminate some possible air pockets.