vStone UV is technically a variant of the veneer vStone ST, wherein the polyester resins used are transparent resins,  resulting on a fantastic transparent and translucent veneer stone.

With similar applications as the vStone ST, this variant stands out especially for its translucent characteristic, opening the field of decorative applications, when lighting and transparencies are required.

Main Applications:

In addition to those suggested for vStone ST, you should include all types of lighting projects involving backlighting panels, lamps, furniture , balconies , facades , shops , etc.

Application and bonding details:

Since this is also a polyester resin, similarly to the vStone ST, you can follow the same instructions. However, its translucent characteristic powers the use of some different materials as base, such as glass and acrylic, and for this special applications look please on the specifications for the gluing process.