vStonetec has two variants from the vStone solutions, the vStone TX and CL .

Both are special products, with the same natural stone surface and manufactured with a different technology, providing more flexible and thinner solutions.

The extreme beauty and uniqueness of the panels is still there, like the vStone, but of course due to the reduced thickness, it’s impossible to have the same structure of the stone surface.

The vStonetec applications are usually complementary to the vStoneST .

vStone TX is made with a technological process significantly different, substituting the base polyester resin used in vStone for PVA -based resins ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ) with a cotton textile.

The vStone CL don’t use any resin in its composition, the veneer stone is supported on a Kraft paper. This solution is only available on the refªs vS01CL to vS11CL.