Flexible stone sheet with 100% natural surface and a resin base.

Extracted by cut, in an innovative production process, mainly using slates and micas, but also marbles and sandstones, resulting in a collection with more than 40 references and solutions, available in various formats.

The base resin can be opaque (ST) or translucent (UV), allowing high beauty creation environments, clearly challenging, among others, the creativity of Decorators, Architects and Designers.

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Decorative mosaics 100% natural wood.

Product of German origin, mainly uses European Oak wood in its standard collection EDITION 1, deriving then to a huge variety of designs, patterns, structures, woods and finishes, resulting in decorative solutions of high beauty, for all kinds of applications and indoor environments.

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Decorative glass or acrylic panels, made in Italy.

With a structured paper base and / or with 3D effects, Golden Glass panels result in a decorative solution of great beauty.
With Italian Design and developed for multifunctional interior usages, it combines the nobility of glass with the versatility of acrylic, allowing the creation of fantastic and unique environments.

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